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Logiwa’s Warehouse Label Printing

Originally published on August 9, 2020 by Logiwa Marketing, Updated on March 13, 2024

Unmatched Efficiency for High-volume Warehouses and Fulfillment Centers

In the dynamic landscape of warehouse management, the efficiency of operations often hinges on the ability to streamline processes and eliminate bottlenecks. A pivotal element in achieving this is the ability to print labels.

Logiwa’s seamless Fulfillment Management System (FMS) offers advanced label printing features that redefine simplicity and efficiency. In this blog, we discuss Logiwa’s label printing functionalities and how they enhance fast, accurate fulfillment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Benefit from automated label generation, printing flexibility, and batch label printing to boost warehouse productivity and streamline workflows.
  • Logiwa’s label printing is shown to cut print times by 50%—increasing the number of orders that can be packed each day.
  • Logiwa’s Fulfillment Management System (FMS) allows you tailor label printing to fit your business needs, including mobile printing, address verification, rate shopping, and special handling instructions.
  • Ensure retailer compliance, enjoy comprehensive labeling, and support for Zebra printers, empowering your business to meet the demands of modern ecommerce.

Automated Label Generation for Precision

Efficient label printing is essential to running a high-efficiency operation. It not only ensures accurate labeling, but enhances order processing speed, customer satisfaction and cost-effective logistics.

Logiwa simplifies the label generation process, automating seamless workflows within our FMS solution. It reduces the need for manual intervention and reduces the risk of errors. Our features ensure you keep up with the pace of modern ecommerce.

One of Logiwa’s customers was able to cut their label printing time by more than 50% and pack almost 2% or more orders each day using Logiwa’s smart automation.


  • If product and carrier information are available for an order and package type, our system can automatically generate carrier labels without manual intervention.
  • Documents attached to orders can be uploaded once and printed automatically whenever an order is completed.

Advantages of Logiwa’s Label Printing Capabilities and Features

Logiwa’s features empower your business to excel by ensuring efficient and tailored label printing functionalities.

Printing Flexibility for Diverse Workflows

Logiwa allows printing labels at different stages of the process to accommodate various workflows in your warehouses. Labels can be added at the packing station, after picking, or before processing an order. This ensures a smooth and customized workflow. This guarantees a seamless and personalized workflow.

Enhancing Speed and Configurability

Batch label printing is a game-changer for high-volume operations. Logiwa enables fast and efficient printing of labels for many orders and packages, improving warehouse productivity. This feature incorporates all types of documents (e.g. pack lists, pick lists, carrier labels, etc.).

Example: One of Logiwa’s clients printed 7.7M single-item order labels and 11.7M multi-item labels last year. By cutting their label printing time down to 2 seconds, they saved nearly 12 hours a day on single-item label printing and 18 hours on multi-item label printing.

Our system also caters to the need for reprinting labels at the packing station. In cases of damaged or lost labels, or when labels are not available, Logiwa enables on-the-spot reprinting. This saves 25 seconds on average per label and eliminates the need to navigate through different screens, increasing overall efficiency.

Retailer Compliance

Logiwa WMS takes compliance seriously, offering the ability to print compliance labels effortlessly. This ensures you are adhering to industry standards and regulations, while fostering a precision-oriented environment. We make it easy to design accurate barcode labels, compliance labels for retailers, Pick and Pack lists, reports, and more.

Logiwa WMS provides LP (Pallet) Labels designed specifically to meet retailer standards. This ensures your warehouse operations seamlessly align with retailer expectations, fostering smoother transactions.

Comprehensive Labeling: Beyond Shipping Labels

Logiwa goes beyond standard shipping labels. Our platform effortlessly generates Item, Pallet, and Location labels complete with barcodes. This comprehensive labeling approach enhances navigation within the warehouse, as well as heightened accuracy and efficiency for daily tasks.

Supporting Zebra Printers for Rapid Printing

Logiwa supports Zebra printers in warehouses by using Zebra Programming Language (ZPL) format. This ensures faster printing to optimize your operation’s speed and the seamless execution of tasks.

These capabilities empower your business to meet the demands of today’s dynamic fulfillment landscape and maintain competitive logistics standards.

Tailor Label Printing to Fit Your Business Needs

Logiwa’s FMS provides adaptable solutions for label printing that cater to your specific requirements and safeguard fulfillment results.

  • Mobile Printing: Logiwa’s FMS supports mobile printing using Hip Printers during picking and receiving operations. This enhances flexibility and facilitates on-the-go label printing, catering to the diverse needs of your business.
  • Address Verification: Logiwa ensures orders ship to the correct recipients to safeguard customer satisfaction.
  • Rate Shopping: Logiwa finds you the best shipping rates among carriers to ensure timely and cost-effective deliveries.
  • Special Handling Instructions: Logiwa makes it easy to claim items as Fragile, Hazardous Materials, or otherwise unique. This ensures packages ship safely with carriers.

Logiwa’s FMS offers a range of label printing features aimed to help you fulfill brilliantly.

Print & Apply for a Future-Ready Warehouse

Logiwa’s advanced label printing capabilities do not stop here. Our latest feature, Print & Apply, empowers you to take label printing to the next level. With Logiwa’s ready-to-use Print & Apply endpoint, you can integrate with the solutions of your choice to improve the speed and accuracy of label printing.

With Print & Apply, new labels are automatically created and applied to packages once orders are processed. These labels include critical information like barcodes and shipping information to streamline outbound operations.

This increases efficiency and throughput by reducing the need for packers to apply labels to packages. In addition to saving labor costs, Print & Apply also ensures more precise labels are created. To learn more about this paid feature, contact your Customer Success Manager!

Logiwa’s Fulfillment Management System

Logiwa’s FMS continues to redefine the fulfillment landscape by ensuring supply chain operations are future-ready. We are always adding new, cutting-edge features to our Cloud-native solution to ensure customers always have the latest competitive advantage.

For more details on how to use these powerful label printing features, reach out to our team of fulfillment experts. Request your personal demo today.

FAQs Related to Label Printing

Is creating labels part of a Fulfillment Management Systems (FMS)?

Yes. FMS create labels to streamline fulfillment processes. This includes integrating with major carriers to quickly retrieve shipping information and generate shipping labels. This helps logistics operations save time and ensure accuracy to reduce the risk of errors throughout the fulfillment processes.

What types of label printing features does Logiwa provide?

Logiwa offers a robust set of automatic label printing features to streamline warehouse operations. This  includes label printing for multiple order types (and document types), batch printing, and printing at different workflow stages.

Logiwa also supports various label types, including: item, pallet, and location labels. It offers multiple carrier labels formats, with a focus on ZPL for faster printing, as well as compliance labels. Our system offers rate shopping and provides reprint and mobile printing options as well.

How does label printing in an FMS improve shipping costs for fulfillment operations?

It relieves the need for a shipping solution or the help of online services. The ability to create shipping labels helps save time and money by streamlining the shipping process. Smart label printing automates cost calculations, optimizes packaging, and powers batch processing.

What are roll labels, and how are they used in fulfillment centers?

Roll labels are adhesive labels that come on a roll, making them convenient for various labeling purposes. The label sizes for roll labels changes based on use-case. This can include small labels suitable for pricing or inventory to larger labels for shipping.

Do I need to create a USPS shipping label using a shipping label online template?

You can use an online shipping label template provided by USPS or within Logiwa. These templates are available on their websites and allow you to enter shipping details. However, Logiwa helps you create and print shipping labels with ease.

For USPS flat rate packages, the standard shipping label size is typically 4″ x 6″. Be sure to check for specific requirements regarding label size for different types of packaging.

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