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Why Logiwa

Let our AI-driven Logiwa IO transform your high-volume fulfillment

Cloud-native warehouse management software with
rapid time to value

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Why Logiwa

Let our AI-driven Logiwa IO transform your high-volume fulfillment

Cloud-native warehouse management software with
rapid time to value

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Results from Logiwa’s AI-driven warehouse management

“Logiwa’s AI fulfillment optimization cut our number of hours needed to complete tasks by almost 60% .”
– Jannis Dargel, COO & Co-founder at Locad


“Logiwa really listened to our needs, and Logiwa IO is proof that they understand what we need to not only succeed, but to thrive.”
–Jim Heinecke, Systems Integration and Implementation at Flexport

“Logiwa kept us ahead of the peak season rush, making Black Friday a breeze and saving us a week of dealing with order backlogs.”
– Chris Campo, Director of Operations at Goodbuy Gear

Logiwa IO benefits

Logiwa IO is more than a high-capacity WMS; it’s a complete Fulfillment Management System (FMS) and the new gold standard of high-volume fulfillment management—designed to revolutionize the world of DTC, B2B, and 3PL operations.

AI-based fulfillment optimization

Logiwa IO uses AI in fulfillment to excel at batching orders and creating efficient waves and jobs, significantly enhancing the outbound flow. By closely monitoring on-ground activities, our AI develops labor standards to optimize your workforce management.

Headless cloud-native architecture

Logiwa IO introduces a groundbreaking headless, versionless, and serverless architecture. This innovation in customization and flexibility allows you to seamlessly adapt your operations to changing needs, design your own add-ons, and scale effortlessly.

Intuitive UI/UX

Logiwa IO is more than an easy-to-use WMS. Drawing inspiration from app platforms users are already familiar with, our advanced fulfillment software ensures an engaging user experience. Our warehouse management solution enables you to onboard new employees in hours, not days.

Partner Marketplace for warehouse app integrations

Logiwa IO leads the way in meeting the ever-evolving requirements of the fulfillment market. Our partner ecosystem allows you to add features and modules—your own, and those from the marketplace partners—to ensure continuous innovation and limitless configurability.

Rapid deployment and implementation with accelerated time to value

Logiwa IO expedites the expansion to new fulfillment centers and the onboarding of employees, ensuring swift time to value. Rapid WMS deployment ensures you quickly reap the benefits of our solution—achieving immediate and impactful results on behalf of your customers.

Logiwa IO is a high-volume Fulfillment Management System (FMS)

Building, scaling and growing fulfillment operations require automated fulfillment solutions. Logiwa IO helps you achieve high-volume fulfillment excellence with the flexibility to adapt and competitive features essential for meeting modern demands.

Navigate and excel in rapidly changing market landscapes with an all-in-one Cloud-native Fulfillment Management System (FMS) designed for fulfillment networks, online retailers, 3PLs, brands and wholesalers.

FAQs about Logiwa IO high-volume Fulfillment Management System (FMS)

What makes Loigwa IO more competitive than a traditional WMS?

A Fulfillment Management System (FMS) is superior to a traditional Warehouse Management System (WMS) as it is designed for high-volume fulfillment operations. It provides real-time visibility, intelligent automation, and scalability, allowing you to adapt swiftly to changing demands and expedite multi-channel order processing in a dynamic fulfillment environment.

What is the benefit of Logiwa IO being a Cloud-native solution?

Cloud-native solutions ensure you’re always running the latest version and can scale on demand. Logiwa IO’s architecture enables automatic updates, ensuring your system is up-to-date with the latest features, enhancements, and security patches without any manual intervention. This means you can continuously leverage the most advanced capabilities to stay optimized and competitive.