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How to Achieve Two-day Shipping: Strategies for Lightning-fast Order Fulfillment

Originally published on February 20, 2024 by Baris Duransel, Updated on February 22, 2024

What happens after your customer clicks “Buy Now” can make or break their experience. These days, it’s not enough to promise fast order fulfillment—online retailers must deliver on that promise, and for good reasons:

Top retailers who boast an impressive average order fulfillment time of just 1.8 days achieve this through a fusion of smart strategies, cutting-edge technologies and logistics finesse. Read on to unravel the best practices for achieving two day shipping and mastering a customer-centric approach. 

Key Takeaways

  • Top online retailers leverage AI and automation technology  (78% of ecommerce brands already use it) to enhance inventory management and order processing speed.
  • Strategic placement of distribution centers and the use of flexible shipping strategies significantly reduce delivery times and costs.
  • Investing in employee training and user-friendly FMS solutions boost workforce productivity and satisfaction to help maintain competitive fulfillment standards.

How Leading Retailers Fulfill Orders in Less Than Two Days

Order fulfillment success requires you to not only meet but exceed your customers’ expectation for (delivery) speed. To navigate this challenge, retailers must adopt a multifaceted strategy that optimizes every stage of the fulfillment process, from inventory management to the last-mile delivery.

A bottleneck at any point in the fulfillment process causes a ripple effect throughout supply chain operations. Luckily, the right combination of technology and strategies can effectively meet high-volume demand at record-breaking speeds. Here are three key strategies for tackling modern fulfillment standards and upholding a customer-centric approach.

Best Practice #1: The Power of AI & Automation

Nothing frustrates a customer more than placing an order, then finding out it’s out of stock. Savvy online retailers leverage cutting-edge automation technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline their order fulfillment process. 

Logiwa IO’s AI-driven Fulfillment Management System (FMS) uses predictive analytics to analyze incoming orders, popular trends, and even past purchase behaviors to offer real-time inventory management, allowing you to preemptively stock popular items and minimize delays.

From order processing and inventory management to AI-driven jobs, automated systems ensure accuracy and speed. These systems are not just tools; they’re the backbone of efficiency.

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Recent figures show that 78% of ecommerce brands have already implemented AI in their businesses, and the AI-enabled ecommerce market size is projected to reach USD $16 billion by 2030

Best Practice #2: Strategic Logistics

Top online retailers strategically position distribution centers and warehouses in key locations to cut down on shipping times. This shortens the distance between the product and the customer and enables cost-effective and faster shipping options.

Amazon, a pioneer in this strategy, has over 175 fulfillment centers worldwide, ensuring that most customers are within a stone’s throw of at least one distribution hub.

Successful online retailers also utilize a flexible shipping strategy to collaborate with a variety of shipping carriers. With Logiwa IO, you can optimize your shipping strategy to choose the most cost-effective and expedient option for each order, using advanced AI-driven algorithms to analyze factors such as shipping rates, carrier options and packaging options. 

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Best Practice #3: Human Touch in a Digital World

Behind every successful order fulfillment process is a skilled and motivated workforce. Leading online retailers make training programs for their employees to ensure they know about the newest logistics techniques and technologies. After all, an informed workforce is more equipped to manage difficulties and keep productivity high.

That’s why implementing an FMS system like Logiwa IO can be a game-changer for online order fulfillment. This user-friendly and customizable self-serve software seamlessly integrates with existing programs, allowing for lightning-fast employee training and seamless scalability for ecommerce retailers of any size. 

Furthermore, using an AI-powered FMS can significantly impact employee productivity and satisfaction. When AI algorithms seamlessly handle mundane, repetitive tasks like inventory tracking and data entry, employees can focus on tasks that require creativity, problem-solving, and a personal touch.

The Key to Speed: Fulfillment Management Systems (FMS)

Remember, in the world of ecommerce, speed isn’t just a virtue; it’s a necessity. In the competitive landscape of online retail, the ability to fulfill orders rapidly is non-negotiable. A Fulfillment Management System (FMS) can help set you apart. 

Logiwa IO is an FMS powered by AI-driven automation and advanced automation technology. It helps DTC businesses of any size join the top online-only retailers and master the art of speedy order fulfillment by optimizing logistics and upholding a customer-centric approach. 

Now is the time to accelerate your online fulfillment processes. To see how Logiwa IO can help you achieve lightning-fast ecommerce order fulfillment, reach out to our team of fulfillment experts today.

FAQs Related to Two-day Shipping

How can my business implement two-day shipping to meet customer expectations?

Achieving two-day shipping involves several key strategies, including optimizing your warehouse operations, integrating advanced logistics technology, and strategically locating your distribution centers to minimize shipping times. Implementing a robust order fulfillment system that leverages automation and real-time data can streamline these processes, making it feasible for businesses of all sizes to offer two-day shipping and significantly enhance customer satisfaction.

How does real-time inventory management contribute to efficient order fulfillment?

Real-time inventory management provides up-to-the-minute data on stock levels, product locations, and demand forecasting. This allows businesses to prevent stockouts, reduce excess inventory, and ensure that popular items are always available for quick shipping. By having accurate inventory information at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions that streamline the order fulfillment process, reduce shipping times, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

How can my business achieve a customer-centric approach?

A customer-centric approach in order fulfillment means putting the customer’s needs and expectations at the forefront of your logistics and fulfillment strategies. This involves not just meeting the basic requirement of delivering products, but also ensuring the entire process is smooth, fast, and transparent. Key elements include offering flexible shipping options like two-day shipping, providing accurate and real-time inventory updates to avoid disappointing customers with stockouts, and using customer feedback to continuously improve the fulfillment process.

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