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eBay Seller Hub: What Is It and How Can You Benefit From It?

Originally published on March 9, 2022 by Logiwa Marketing, Updated on March 3, 2023

eBay was among the first websites to put ecommerce on the brain. Nowadays, there are many more options out there, from original sites to Amazon, GameStop, Mercari… the list goes on and on.

But in the past, there was only eBay. The fact that eBay is still around, has maintained profitability, and continues to offer extreme ease of access for users new and old goes to show it has withstood the tests of time and ongoing competition. In short, it’s an extremely useful website, even in today’s booming ecommerce world.

If you’re new to business on eBay, it is very easy to learn, but that is largely because, over the past few years, eBay has dedicated a lot of time and effort to its Seller Hub.

If you’re new to running an ecommerce business, eBay is a great way to start. Its learning curve is almost nonexistent, meaning you can earn yourself a decent amount of profit within the first thirty days of accessing the site.

In this guide, we’ll explore:

  1. What Is the eBay Seller Hub?
  2. How Does the eBay Seller Hub Work?
  3. Why Is the eBay Seller Hub Important?
  4. Pros and Cons eBay Seller Hub
  5. FAQs

What Is the eBay Seller Hub?

The eBay Seller Hub is the centralized location on eBay’s site that allows you to manage whatever business you’re doing on eBay. It is free, which lowers the barrier to entry by a large amount, although there are benefits to paying money and upgrading your service.

However, for this article, we will mostly be discussing the free version of the Seller Hub.

The Seller Hub is useful because it puts all of the tools that are necessary to sell on eBay in one location. It also gives you additional data that is specifically meant to help you increase the amount of eBay sales you have and to increase the amount of profit that you make.

As mentioned, eBay is one of the first ecommerce websites, and it has allowed business owners (large and small) to handle their ecommerce needs. It manages to rival Amazon in terms of visitors, which many people find surprising. (Although it hasn’t yet managed to figure out drone delivery.)

If you’re a business owner, considering eBay is an extremely smart play. They offer mobile and website shopping, which can easily open up how many customers you can reach with a single listing.

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How Does the eBay Seller Hub Work?

Figuring out how the eBay Seller Hub works is extremely easy. They’ve broken the Seller Hub into clearly-delineated tabs that will keep your business organized.

(Quick note: realize that you will need to have had at least one sale to gain access to the Seller Hub. This is because the Seller Hub is of no benefit to you unless you’ve already managed a sale.)


Once you sign into eBay and navigate to your Seller Hub, you’ll immediately see the “Overview Page.”

This page is meant to give you a summary of any shipments you might need to ship out, orders that are waiting for payment, listings, feedback, and other user-specific actions and tools.


The order page allows you to act on your orders. When you get an order, you will need to print shipping labels and upload tracking information for the buyer so that they know when their order is on the way. Additionally, you’re able to review past orders, check on the shipping status of in-transit orders, and reprint shipping labels, amongst other things.


This is a page that you will spend a lot of time on. The listings page will allow you to manage your existing listings as well as create new ones when you have more inventory on hand. You can also manage your existing listings in bulk or individually, depending on what you need to change.

Additionally, if you’re going to be selling a lot of a single type of product, you can make templates to make it easier and faster to create new listings and policies for running your business (such as return parameters and shipping profiles).


This is an element that is better served by spending money, but the purpose of marketing is to use eBay’s tools to try and attract more buys, increase the number of sales you have during a customer’s visit, avoid things such as shopping cart abandonment, and build your store’s brand.


This is a paid element – if you have an eBay store, you’ll be given additional attention and customization options for your eBay store. This page is where you’ll manage said customizations, and you can also use this page to manage your store layout, subscription to eBay, your newsletter, and the categories of your inventory.


This is an extremely important page to keep an eye on. When it comes to your performance on eBay, this page will help you understand how you’re doing with detailed information on the traffic to your site, where buyers are accessing your site from, the percentage of your sales that are going to selling costs, and other information about your sales.


eBay will provide additional information for how you can improve your restocking, listing pricing, inventory sourcing, and your listings with the research page.


This page helps you determine which payouts you’re receiving from your sales. You can also access fee information, any pending conflicts with your orders, and other payment information related to your eBay transactions.


You can also download reports related to any orders you place (for raw materials or other inventory needs), sales, and fees. This can allow you to streamline your monthly reports and stay on top of your records.

Why Is the eBay Seller Hub Important?

The eBay Seller Hub is your one-stop shop for managing your eBay business. It’s an important one to have access to because it will give you extensive information about the health and success of your business, as well as other things you can do to bring more profits to your wallet.

Additionally, come tax time, you can download your reports and have that information on hand to fill out your taxes!

Additionally, eBay drop shipping is a thing! eBay allows you to use drop shipping, which is where you can fulfill orders from a wholesale supplier directly. You can also opt to use separate warehousing and warehouse management systems to ensure that the order arrives safely at the customer’s address.

Pros and Cons eBay Seller Hub


  • Because eBay has been around for so long, you can access the extensive number of customers that eBay has serviced over the last twenty years.
  • eBay Seller Hub offers you lots of information that is organized in one location
  • You’ll receive guidance to make your listings more competitive.
  • You’ll get detailed information about your sales and other selling information.
  • It has a vibrant forum for questions that are frequented by other eBay sellers, so you can go to them for information and avoid common online marketing selling problems.


  • Some services are locked behind a paywall.
  • Lack of customization options to make the Seller Hub more specific to your needs.


Where is the Seller Hub on eBay?

The Seller Hub in eBay is extremely easy to access. Once you log into the site, look at the top right corner of the site. You’ll see a clickable element that says, “My eBay.” If you click that, you’ll be taken immediately to the eBay Seller Hub.

What are the benefits of the eBay Seller Hub?

There are many benefits to the eBay Seller Hub, but the main ones are that you’ll have access to a centralized location that has all the information about your sales and orders and that you can also access reports of how your business is doing to monitor the health of your business.

Does it cost to use the eBay Seller Hub?

Although you can use the eBay Seller Hub for free, some elements of it are locked behind a paid subscription. However, if you’re using eBay as your main selling avenue, paying the fee to gain access to all the features can be a great boon to your sales!

Is there an eBay Seller Hub app?

Although there is not a specific app for the eBay Seller Hub, you can easily access it through eBay’s comprehensive app. You can also go to the Seller Hub page on your mobile browser and create a direct link to that specific page on your mobile device’s home screen.

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