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Grow Your 3PL Business

Logiwa’s Cloud native Fulfillment Management System (FMS) is the ultimate 3PL solution for high-volume, omnichannel logistics – built to make onboarding new clients, adding new warehouses, and expanding product lines effortless.

Redefine exceptional service. Gain live visibility into the status of every order. Accelerate growth and efficiency like never before.

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“Logiwa is very intuitive and makes everyone more efficient.”
– Hooner Baweja , ShipCube

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“Our peak season volume scaled up without a hitch thanks to Logiwa.”
–Jim Heinecke, Deliverr

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“Having as many shipping methods as we have, Logiwa has been phenomenal.”
– Patrick O’Keefe, MPR Logistics

Hooner Baweja

“Onboarding a new client into our fulfillment network takes just one hour with Logiwa.”
– Kameron Norwood, PackDash

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Gain up to 30% More Productivity with Logiwa’s 3PL WMS Software

Logiwa’s 3PL software is more than a traditional WMS; it’s a complete Fulfillment Management System (FMS) powered by AI. 

We help you tackle the challenges of managing multi-channel ecommerce fulfillment for multiple B2B and DTC clients under the same roof.  

Logiwa offers everything you need to fulfill brilliantly on behalf of your customers:

  • Streamlined inventory and warehouse management for multiple clients
  • Quick connections to your clients’ ecommerce stores
  • Smart shipping features to guarantee the lowest shipping costs
  • Custom client portals to provide clients with powerful visibility

Streamline warehouse operations

Logiwa streamlines third-party warehouse operations with intelligent automation and facility management. From receiving and putaway to picking, packing, and shipping, our AI-powered software eliminates manual processes, reduces errors, and optimizes the efficiency of every step in the fulfillment process.

Enjoy Seamless Integrations

Our fully integrated 3PL software connects you to leading ecommerce, marketplace, shipping, robotics, and accounting platforms in a matter of clicks. Need a custom integration? Logiwa’s Orchestrator ensures you can access any tool required to maintain your operations.

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Gain real-time visibility

Experience real-time visibility into workflows, inventory levels, and order statuses. From the moment you receive an order to the moment it ships, our 3PL solution provides you—and your clients—with the visibility needed to ensure fulfillment success.

Elevate Client Satisfaction

Our client portals offer direct access to inventory, order, shipment, and returns data, giving your clients peace of mind and control over their operations. Seamlessly connect sales channels for instant order routing or use co-branded portals for managing purchase orders.

Our 3PL billing software offers advanced billing functionality that manages all pricing aspects of client contracts. Automatically create transparent billing statements and invoices based on live data, and reports detailing transactions, receipts, value added services, picking, packing, storage, shipments and returns.

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Logiwa 3PL Software Makes a Fast Impact on Your Business

40% increase in labor efficiency

3x more orders shipped after first three months on Logiwa

8% lower shipping costs with Logiwa rate shopping

Key Logiwa WMS 3PL Features

Streamlined Order Management

Effortlessly oversee your fulfillment centers online and optimize fulfillment tasks using Logiwa’s mobile app and advanced automation rules like AI-powered job creation. Our solution streamlines intricate workflows to ensure precise, efficient order processing, and on-time deliveries. 

Inventory Visibility and Control

Gain complete real-time control over inventory. Track stock levels, locations, and movements. Utilize features like lot batch, serial number, and expiration date tracking to maintain accurate records.

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We’re here to help

With Logiwa, you can be up-and-running in weeks instead of months. It’s all thanks to our Cloud native architecture and highly configurable automation rules.

We respond in minutes, not hours. Our award-winning customer support ensures you experience minimal downtime or disruptions in order fulfillment.

Robust Reporting and Analytics

Empower your operation and clients with valuable, data-driven insights and round-the-clock reporting. Real-time analytics provides on-demand, monthly, and year-end reporting that equips you to scale your services and expand your client base with confidence.

True Cloud Scalability

As your business grows, our Cloud native software allows you to update and extend your operations in minutes through simple clicks—no coding required. Use our highly configurable automation rules or quickly build your own to speed up everything from inbound operations to your picking, packing, and shipping processes.

Your Clients Deserve the Best: Logiwa’s 3PL WMS Software Delivers

Logiwa’s 3PL WMS Software is fueling the growth of the industry’s fastest growing 3PLs. As a complete Fulfillment Management System (FMS), our platform makes it easy to manage multiple clients in the same warehouse and scale effectively into a multi-warehouse operation.

Logiwa helps 3PLs achieve high-volume order fulfillment success. With our Cloud native 3PL software you can easily bring on more clients, add new fulfillment centers, and grow your 3PL business.


Meet the Needs of Every Client with Logiwa’s Flexible 3PL Software

The Logiwa 3PL Solution is a fully integrated Fulfillment Management System (FMS) for warehouse and order management. It empowers 3PLs to run digital fulfillment operations and grow a high-efficiency fulfillment network—without additional headcount.

Connected Ecommerce

Sell more with a fully integrated inventory management system that connects seamlessly with ecommerce, marketplace, and order management systems.

Learn more

Digital Warehousing

Run your fulfillment centers from anywhere using Cloud connectivity and mobile apps, smart automation rules, real-time exception handling, and online reports.

Learn more

Smart Shipping

Save time and money with Logiwa’s shipping software, enjoy price-optimized carrier selection and auto-printed shipping labels that get orders out the door faster.

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Total Control

Easily update and extend your Logiwa system in minutes not months: create warehouse layouts, process orders, develop automation rules, and bring a new fulfillment center online with clicks not code.

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Logiwa’s WMS 3PL Solution Has Everything You Need to Achieve High-volume Fulfillment Success


    • Receiving
    • Directed putaway
    • Picking and packing
    • PICK-FACE replenishment
    • Return management
    • Cycle counting
    • Inventory transfers


    • Multi-warehouse operations
    • Multi-client operations
    • Shipment rule automation
    • DTC packing station
    • Kitting and bundling
    • Scale integrations


    • Order routing
    • Putaway automation rules
    • Inventory allocation automation rules
    • Automate picking job creation
    • Shipment box suggestions
    • Walking path optimization
    • Put-to-wall
    • Robotics integration

More Than Just Great 3PL Software, We’re a High-volume Fulfillment Success Company

We aren’t like the other software providers on the market. We consider ourselves an extension of your team and respond to support calls in 7-9 minutes. Plus, we incorporate your feedback to ensure our solution remains the most competitive fulfillment platform available.

As a true SaaS product, Logiwa’s AI-powered Fulfillment Management System (FMS) continually adds new features and innovations to drive your 3PL business forward. We solve your most pressing fulfillment challenges and help you meet the toughest industry standards. 

Implemented in weeks, not months

Logiwa’s 100% SaaS product is easy to deploy, configure, and update as your business scales.

Optimized using AI and automation

Our highly configurable automation rules and AI-powered jobs speed up everything from your inbound operations to your picking, packing and shipping processes.

Supported every step of the way

Our customers rave about our customer support and we pride ourselves in our 7-9 minutes response time.

WMS 3PL Software that Integrates with Any Ecommerce, Shipping, Accounting and Robotics Partners


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FAQs about WMS 3PL Software

What is Logiwa’s 3PL WMS software?

Logiwa’s 3PL solution is built specifically with third-party logistics (3PL) providers and modern DTC and B2B fulfillment challenges in mind. This includes tracking inventory, processing orders, and coordinating the movement of goods on behalf of multiple ecommerce clients using smart automation and AI.

How is Logiwa’s 3PL WMS software implemented in a 3PL company?

Implementing Logiwa WMS involves four distinct phases to ensure a positive post-onboarding experience. Our effective approach includes business process and change analysis, configurations testing, and training; practices and dry runs; assisted go-live care; and follow-up support. We utilize project management tools, so that it is clear who is responsible for what tasks to keep the project on track and even, whenever possible, complete your first order with you.

Can Logiwa’s 3PL WMS software be customized to meet the specific needs of my business?

Yes, Logiwa’s 3PL WMS software is highly configurable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. With the ability to personalize the user interface, you can create a familiar and intuitive environment for your users. Our 3PL solution allows for seamless integration with other systems, promoting streamlined operations and reducing the risk of errors. You’ll have the ability to add, subtract, or modify features and ensure our software is meeting the specific requirements of your business.

How does Logiwa’s 3PL WMS software benefit my business?

Logiwa’s 3PL solution optimizes the efficiency and accuracy of your 3PL fulfillment operations – from inbound operations, outbound operations, and all the individual warehousing processes in-between. Our use of smart automation, robust analytics, and custom client management tools, lead to cost savings and increased customer satisfaction for your business. It can also provide better visibility into and control over your logistics, allowing you to track orders and shipments in real-time.

How does Logiwa’s 3PL solution work?

Logiwa’s 3PL WMS software is accessed via the internet, typically through a web browser. You can log in to the system from any internet connected device, including mobile devices. Logiwa’s 3PL WMS software provides seamless integration with ecommerce, marketplace, and order management systems, mobile device functionalities, and real-time tracking of warehousing metrics, ecommerce orders, shipments, and business data.

How do I choose the right 3PL WMS software for my business?

To choose the right 3PL solution, consider the size and complexity of your business, as well as your integration needs and how user-friendly a system is. To ensure all your specific 3PL WMS needs are met, consider working with a trusted provider like Logiwa. If your business requires high-volume DTC, B2B, or hybrid 3PL fulfillment support, then Logiwa is your best option as it offers a complete Fulfillment Management System (FMS). For more information, check out our blog on choosing the right WMS.