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Ecommerce warehouses are complicated with thousands of products and bins. Tens of thousands of activities are executed in a typical DTC warehouse every day. We understand that exceptions are the norm in busy warehouses and that gracefully managing exceptions is the key to operational efficiency and scaling-up high-volume order fulfillment.

Logiwa makes it easy for your pickers to handle exceptions, such as flagging missing items during picking with a simple ‘MISSING’ button on their mobile devices. Logiwa moves the flagged items to a virtual missing location, finds and allocates inventory from another location to fulfill the order. The picker simply moves on to the next item while Logiwa’s smart algorithms notify a manager about the issue and adjust the picking plan on the fly. Logiwa Logiwa does more than just handle warehouse exceptions, our algorithms also help you prevent problems by recommending you pick the heaviest products first, the fragile products last, as well as any custom automation rule you need based the products you ship.

Our warehouse exception handling is part of the Logiwa Cloud Order Fulfillment Software platform built specifically for high-volume B2C and DTC businesses.

Our warehouse exception handling solution makes your teams more efficient with:

  • Missing item management
  • Adjusts picking plans on the fly
  • Manager notifications for missing items
  • Skip task
  • Damaged item receiving with pictures
  • Scale verification on packing screen
  • Lot/batch number verification
  • Expiry date verification
  • Inventory putaway rules
  • Shortage notifications
  • Backorder management
  • Suspend order
  • Instant counting
  • Freeze order during packing if items are incorrect or damaged
  • Skipping tasks during picking if location is unavailable

Everything brands, online sellers and 3PLs need to achieve high-volume fulfillment success

Check out all the functionality we provide and then just imagine all of this power running in your fully digital warehouses and across your integrated fulfillment network. Serious results.

Warehouse Operations

  • Receiving
  • Directed putaway
  • Picking and packing
  • PICK-FACE replenishment
  • Return management
  • Cycle counting
  • Inventory transfers

Warehouse Productivity

  • Multi-warehouse operations
  • Multi-client operations
  • Shipment rule automation
  • DTC packing station
  • Kitting and bundling
  • Scale integrations

Warehouse Optimization

  • Order routing
  • Putaway automation rules
  • Inventory allocation automation rules
  • Automate picking job creation
  • Shipment box suggestions
  • Walking path optimization
  • Put-to-wall
  • Robotics integration

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increase in labor efficiency


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lower shipping costs with Logiwa rate shopping


shipment increase by Logiwa customers during Covid pandemic

Our warehouse exception handling solution is part of the Logiwa Cloud Fulfillment Platform built specifically for high-volume B2C and DTC businesses


Cloud Fulfillment Software Platform

The Logiwa Cloud Fulfillment Platform is a fully integrated WMS and order fulfillment system that empowers companies to run a digital fulfillment experience and grow your direct-to-consumer business – without additional headcount.

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“We knew we needed a modern WMS for ecommerce fulfillment. We looked at all the other solutions available and chose Logiwa for its intuitive UX and ease of use.”

– Hooner Baweja, CEO and founder

“Logiwa makes it easy for us to provide every client with a high-quality fulfillment experience. We use Logiwa to ensure that every order is properly routed, picked, packed, scanned and shipped to customers on time, every time.”

– Kameron Norwood, COO and co-founder

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What is exception management in supply chain?

In supply chains where operations, planning, and risk management are driven by exception, organizations with real-time visibility can improve planning, reduce inventory, and reduce risk across the entire supply chain.