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Logiwa’s Flexible Warehouse Automation System Instantly Adapts to Changing Fulfillment Requirements

Logiwa helps B2B and DTC operations remain agile in the face of evolving consumer trends, unpredictable supply chains, and competitive fulfillment standards. Our warehouse automation software was designed to overcome the challenges of modern ecommerce and ensure accuracy, speed, quality and convenience for any sized organization.

Start winning the high-volume fulfillment race… not just competing in it. Speed up warehousing processes, eliminate inefficiencies caused by human error, and help your fulfillment network reach its full potential with game-changing automation.

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“Logiwa is very intuitive and makes everyone more efficient.”
– Hooner Baweja , ShipCube

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“Our peak season volume scaled up without a hitch thanks to Logiwa.”
–Jim Heinecke, Deliverr

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“Having as many shipping methods as we have, Logiwa has been phenomenal.”
– Patrick O’Keefe, MPR Logistics

Hooner Baweja

“Onboarding a new client into our fulfillment network takes just one hour with Logiwa.”
– Kameron Norwood, PackDash

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A warehouse automation system for high-volume B2C and DTC businesses

Logiwa takes on complex management and high-volume fulfillment standards with flexibility and agility. Our approach to warehouse automation technology prioritizes visibility and control to give you a competitive edge over the competition.

Whether you’re looking to speed up receiving, improve inventory management, or streamline order processing through picking, packing and shipping functions – Logiwa’s system automates all the moving pieces in your digital fulfillment network.

Grow Your Client Base

Add new clients in less than an hour, update billing contracts, and create custom inventory management rules as your business takes on new clients over time. Logiwa’s administrative screens let you make all of these updates yourself. No expensive consultants or developers required.

Extend Your Fulfillment Network

Bring new warehouses online quickly with predefined facility layouts and pre-set automation rules. Easily adjust parameters to meet the needs of your fully integrated fulfillment network to extend your fulfillment reach and meet demand faster and more cost-effectively.

Easily Update Automation Rules

Adjust your warehouse operations on the fly as you bring on new clients and inventory across multiple locations. Customize any of our existing automation algorithms or build your own automation rules to accelerate inbound operations, fulfillment tasks, outbound operations, shipping, and every step in your process – even the walking paths in between.

Optimize Fulfillment Workflows

With Logiwa’s AI-powered WMS, you can ensure your stock levels, inventory allocation, order routing, carrier selections, picking operations and more are optimized based on fluctuations in demand, real-time shipping rates, pickup times, order details (i.e. customer preferences, proximity, etc.) and SLAs.

Adopt Robotics

Connect with Logiwa’s robotics partners to leverage transformative machines like Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMRs), picking bots, drones, and AI-powered facility solutions. Logiwa offers free integrations with any robotics provider to help your warehouse take the next step in fulfillment evolution.

Logiwa’s Warehouse Automation Software is part of our Cloud Fulfillment Platform.

The Logiwa Cloud Fulfillment Platform is a fully integrated Warehouse Management System and order fulfillment system that empowers a digital fulfillment experience for maximizing direct-to-consumer growth—without additional headcount.

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Logiwa’s warehouse automation system has everything retailers, brands and 3PLs need to maximize high-volume order fulfillment.

From order routing and inventory management, to fulfillment workflows and shipping, the Logiwa WMS platform can automate every stage of your warehouse operations.


    • Directed Putaway – Location Suggestion
    • Pre-defined Picking Jobs (Single Unit, Multi Unit, Pick, Pack)
    • Walking (Picking) Path Optimization
    • Put to Wall (Sorting and Consolidation)
    • Shipment Rule Automation
    • Package Type Selection Algorithms


    • Order Routing Across Multiple Warehouses
    • Dropshipping
    • Consignment Management


    • Unlimited Locations/Bins
    • Inventory and Locations Management
    • Transfers Between Locations and Warehouses
    • Instant Counting
    • Purchase Order Management
    • Inbound Receiving Management
    • PO Notification Email Alerts
    • Returns Management
    • Safety Stock Reports and Email Alerts
    • Shipping Management
    • Pickinging, Packing and Shipping Operations
    • Backorders and Damaged Products
    • Carrier Rate Shopping
    • Shipment Tracking Number Management
    • Lot/Batch, Expiry Date, and Serial Number Tracking
    • Pick Face Replenishment


    • Individual Order Picking
    • Wave/Batch/Cluster Picking
    • Batch Shipment Label Printing
    • Pick List and Packing Slip Printing
    • Kitting/Bundling
    • Mobile Picking, Receiving, and Transfers
    • Order Packing Screen
    • Substitute Products
    • Customized Screen Layout

Warehouse Automation System Pre-integrated with 200+ Ecommerce and Shipping Solutions


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FAQs about Warehouse Automation System

What is Logiwa’s warehouse automation system?

Logiwa’s warehouse automation technology uses AI-powered algorithms to automate warehouse management systems and equipment to streamline warehouse operations for optimized efficiency. It can power a range of technologies such as robotics, conveyor systems, and automated storage and retrieval systems.

How does Logiwa’s warehouse automation system benefit my business?

Logiwa’s warehouse automation technology helps to improve the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse operations, leading to cost savings and increased profitability. It can also help to reduce the risk of errors by improving the accuracy of inventory management and optimizing fulfillment results.

How is Logiwa’s warehouse automation system implemented in my warehouse?

Implementing Logiwa WMS involves four distinct phases to address the unique needs of your operation, such as its size and complex fulfillment processes. Our highly effective approach includes business process & change analysis, configurations testing, training & practices, a dry run, assisted go-live care, and follow-up support for a positive post-onboarding experience. We utilize project management tools, so that it is clear who is responsible for what tasks to keep the project on track and even, whenever possible, complete your first order with you.

How much does Logiwa’s warehouse automation system cost?

The cost of implementing Logiwa’s warehouse automation technology varies depending on the size of your operation. However, as a cloud-based fulfillment platform, Logiwa WMS is known for being a cost-effective solution that can reduce overall expenses for businesses compared to traditional on-premises solutions.

What types of tasks can be automated in a warehouse with Logiwa WMS?

Nearly every warehouse task can be automated with Logiwa WMS, including material handling, order picking, packing, and sorting. Automation can also be used for tasks such as order processing management and data entry processes that affect the success of your business.

Is Logiwa’s warehouse automation system difficult to maintain?

No. Because Logiwa WMS is a cloud-based fulfillment platform, you have none of the hassles associated with on-premises software and infrastructure maintenance. Additionally, Logiwa’s customer support team is available to help with any questions or concerns, and the platform is designed to be user-friendly with a minimal need for maintenance. Logiwa also boasts 100% uptime, ensuring that your operations can run smoothly without any interruptions.