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Logiwa’s 3PL Analytics Solution Can Transform Your Warehouse Operations and Drive Growth

Logiwa’s advanced warehouse management system is equipped with powerful 3PL analytics capabilities designed to optimize your operations and empower you to make data-driven decisions. With Logiwa WMS, you can unlock the full potential of your 3PL business by leveraging comprehensive analytics tools that provide actionable insights.

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“Logiwa is very intuitive and makes everyone more efficient.”
– Hooner Baweja , ShipCube

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“Our peak season volume scaled up without a hitch thanks to Logiwa.”
–Jim Heinecke, Deliverr

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“Having as many shipping methods as we have, Logiwa has been phenomenal.”
– Patrick O’Keefe, MPR Logistics

Hooner Baweja

“Onboarding a new client into our fulfillment network takes just one hour with Logiwa.”
– Kameron Norwood, PackDash

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Empower Your Warehouse with Advanced 3PL Analytics Software

In the fast-paced world of third-party logistics (3PL), data management and analysis are crucial to success. 3PL analytics involves collecting, organizing, and interpreting data on your warehouse operations, consumer behavior, and industry trends. With these insights, you can improve processes, identify and eliminate inefficiencies, and make informed decisions that drive growth.
Logiwa WMS offers an industry-leading 3PL analytics solution to help you unlock the power of your data. Here’s how our analytics capabilities can influence your growth:

Data consolidation and visualization

Connect multiple data sets or pull reports for insight into:

    • shipping carriers,
    • tasks,
    • shipments,
    • job types,
    • job volumes by client,
    • order aging,
    • warehouse space,
    • inventory levels,
    • order status, and more.

Identify trends, track KPIs, and monitor the overall health of your operations at a glance.
See your WMS data represented visually in a clean interface, and access customizable reporting and dashboards for live visibility and control over the performance of your warehouse.

Labor productivity and resource planning

Logiwa WMS’s analytics provide insight into labor productivity, helping you identify areas for improvement. By analyzing data on employee performance, task completion times, and workload distribution, you can optimize labor allocation and improve overall productivity.

Demand forecasting and inventory management

Get immediate access to dependable insights with our pre-configured templates and dashboards, or copy, modify and redistribute these templates for a tailored approach. Logiwa Analytics allows customers to configure and create customized reports and dashboards to show only the data that is most relevant to you or your client.

Leverage historical data with Logiwa WMS’s advanced analytics capabilities to make accurate predictions about future demand. Analyzing sales patterns, seasonality, and market trends can help you optimize your inventory levels, reduce carrying costs, and prevent stockouts. Having the right products in stock at the right time is crucial for maintaining a competitive advantage.

Performance monitoring and optimization

Drill down to the weak points in your fulfillment operations to make changes and stay ahead of potential setbacks. Logiwa’s 3PL analytics empowers you with insights into operational efficiency, productivity, and accuracy to help you achieve the most cost-effective approach for high-volume fulfillment.

Our 3PL analytics tools empower you to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time. From order fulfillment rates to inventory turnover, you can track and compare performance metrics across different time frames. Identify bottlenecks, streamline workflows, and optimize resource allocation to ensure efficient operations and customer satisfaction.


Use Your Data to Grow Your Business Securely With Logiwa WMS Analytics

Logiwa WMS is a cloud-based solution, providing you with the flexibility to access your warehouse data anytime, anywhere. With our secure and reliable cloud infrastructure, you can focus on growing your core business—without additional headcount.

Why Choose Logiwa WMS for Analytics?

Logiwa WMS offers a comprehensive 3PL analytics solution that empowers you to leverage your warehouse data effectively. With our advanced analytics capabilities, you can streamline operations, optimize inventory management, improve labor productivity, and make data-driven decisions to drive growth year after year.

1. Advanced Analytics Capabilities

Our analytics solution goes beyond basic reporting. With Logiwa WMS, you gain access to advanced capabilities, including predictive modeling, machine learning algorithms, and prescriptive analytics. Unlock new growth by making proactive decisions based on data-driven insights.

2. Seamless Integration and Scalability

Logiwa WMS seamlessly integrates with your existing warehouse management system, eliminating the need for complex data migrations. Whether you operate a small warehouse or manage a large 3PL enterprise, our scalable solution grows with your business, accommodating your evolving analytics needs.

3. Actionable Insights in Real-Time

Make timely and informed decisions with Logiwa WMS’s real-time analytics. Our platform provides up-to-the-minute data, allowing you to respond swiftly to changing market conditions,resolve system discrepancies, optimize workflows, and meet customer demands effectively.

4. User-Friendly Interface

Logiwa WMS prioritizes usability and offers an intuitive interface designed with warehouse managers and 3PL owners in mind. You don’t need to be a data scientist to navigate and extract valuable insights from our analytics platform. Accessible dashboards and reports empower you to gain immediate value from your data.

WMS Analytics Software Pre-integrated with 200+ Ecommerce Fulfillment Solutions


Logiwa WMS Analytics Helps You Optimize Processes and Make Data Driven Decisions to Grow Your Business


    • Receiving
    • Directed putaway
    • Return management
    • Cycle counting
    • Inventory transfers
    • Pre-defined Picking Jobs (Single Unit, Multi Unit, Pick, Pack)
    • Put to Wall (Sorting and Consolidation)
    • Shipment Rule Automation
    • Package Type Selection Algorithms
    • Inventory and Locations Management
    • Transfers Between Locations and Warehouses


    • Multi-warehouse operations
    • Multi-client operations
    • DTC packing station
    • Kitting and bundling
    • Scale integrations
    • Individual Order Picking
    • Wave/Batch/Cluster Picking
    • Batch Shipment Label Printing
    • Pick List and Packing Slip Printing
    • Mobile Picking, Receiving, and Transfers
    • Order Packing Screen
    • Substitute Products
    • Customized Screen Layout


    • Order routing
    • Putaway automation rules
    • Inventory allocation automation rules
    • Automate picking job creation
    • Shipment box suggestions
    • Walking (Picking) Path Optimization
    • Robotics integration
    • Plug’n Play Store Connections
    • Plug’n Play Shipment Carrier Connections
    • Accounting and ERP Integrations
    • Warehouse Robotic Integrations
    • Open API and EDI Integrations
    • Webhooks

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Our 100% SaaS product is easy to configure and easy to update. You can be up and running in weeks instead of months or years.

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Use our pre-built automation rules or easily build your own to speed up everything from inbound operations to your picking, packing and shipping processes.

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Our technology is great, but what customers love most is our amazing customer support. We actually get back to customer questions in 7–9 minutes!

Logiwa’s WMS Analytics Helps Major Brands and 3PLs Achieve More High-Volume Fulfillments Success

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FAQs about WMS Analytics

What are Logiwa’s WMS analytics and reporting features?

Logiwa Analytics includes powerful BI and reporting tools that analyze the performance and efficiency of your warehouse management system and fulfillment processes. This can include generating reports, visualizing data, and identifying trends and patterns in your warehouse operations.

How does Logiwa’s WMS analytics and reporting benefit my business?

Logiwa Analytics helps to provide insight into the performance of your fulfillment operations, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and make more informed decisions. It can also help to optimize your use of resources, such as labor and inventory, leading to cost savings and increased efficiency.

What types of data can be analyzed with Logiwa Analytics?

There are many types of data that can be analyzed with Logiwa Analytics and reporting solution, including tracking:

    • Inventory levels and movement
    • Order processing and fulfillment
    • Labor productivity
    • Shipping and receiving
    • Equipment utilization
    • Space utilization
    • Costs
    • Discrepancies in your warehouse processes

How is Logiwa Analytics and reporting implemented in my warehouse?

Logiwa Analytics is part of Logiwa’s complete cloud fulfillment solution, but it is an additional feature that users need to fully opt into. The system has access to data collected in the WMS and other integrated channels, allowing for the setting up of data collection and tracking mechanisms. The platform also includes tools and processes for analyzing and reporting on the collected data to provide valuable insights into your warehouse operations.

Can Logiwa’s WMS analytics and reporting be customized to meet the specific needs of my business?

Yes, Logiwa Analytics is highly customizable to meet the specific needs of your business and clients. This can include defining custom metrics and KPIs, creating custom reports and visualizations, and integrating with other business systems. Additionally, Logiwa Analytics can be segmented for multiple clients, hybrid B2B/DTC operations, and other business models to provide relevant and specific insights for each individual scenario. The Logiwa Analytics platform is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your unique business requirements, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to drive growth and improve operations.

How do I ensure the accuracy of Logiwa’s Analytics and reporting features?

Logiwa Analytics ensures the accuracy of data collection and reporting features by utilizing barcoding and optimized inventory management, ensuring real-time data tracking. This live data is kept in sync through cloud infrastructure, eliminating the possibility of data inconsistencies or discrepancies. Additionally, Logiwa has measures in place such as data validation, checking inventory levels to ensure 100% accuracy of your data.