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Meet Ocelot Logistics

Ocelot Logistics, a central logistics hub serving a diverse range of customers, faced challenges with outdated warehouse management systems that hindered their growth. Their transformation started when they switched to Logiwa WMS, a cloud software for high-volume B2C and DTC businesses.

Logiwa not only resolved their fulfillment and customer service issues but also empowered Ocelot’s staff, leading to improved operational efficiency and a happier customer base. This case study discusses Ocelot’s previous warehouse management challenges and how Logiwa’s automated solutions helped them achieve better results.



Ocelot Logistics faced challenges with multiple warehouse management systems, each with unique problems. Using a paper-based WMS led to order disruptions, lower productivity, and less happy customers when printers were not working. The lack of technology advancement in Ocelot’s previous WMS amplified these issues, while the absence of proper customer support and billing functionalities further hindered growth opportunities. The organization struggled to efficiently manage operations due to these limitations, which negatively impacted overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Automation – Logiwa provided Ocelot with an easy-to-use and efficient warehouse management system, streamlining their operations. With its automation, the system could provide personalized solutions and process orders continuously without the hassle of paperwork. Moreover, Logiwa’s technology addressed a historical challenge faced by previous systems—billing accuracy. By integrating Logiwa’s billing functions, the system resolved errors that had previously disrupted Ocelot’s operations.

Making use of Logiwa’s store management feature has proven to be an invaluable asset for Ocelot. The integration capability and user-friendly interface of the feature have led to a transformative shift in how they connect and conduct their operations. The effortless integration with platforms like Shopify has contributed to a more streamlined workflow, ultimately benefiting both their day-to-day processes and the overall satisfaction of their clients. Furthermore, Ocelot’s interactions with new clients have been notably improved, as they can now effortlessly establish connections and ensure smooth operations.

Reliability – Logiwa’s commitment to reliability and great customer service played a pivotal role. Quick and responsive assistance, coupled with regular updates on system enhancements, showcased Logiwa’s dedication. Logiwa’s exceptional customer service, led by Client Success Manager Griffin O’Neill, became a key differentiator, providing Ocelot with immediate support and timely updates on system enhancements. This reliability not only resolved issues promptly but also fostered a collaborative atmosphere, empowering Ocelot to adapt seamlessly to evolving market dynamics.



Implementing Logiwa brought significant benefits to Ocelot Logistics. The system’s automation features not only enhanced order picking but also led to significant time savings for their staff. Previously, Ocelot had to manually sort all orders, which consumed an extra hour per day. Thanks to Logiwa’s seamless integration, this task is now effortlessly managed by eliminating paperwork through automation. Logiwa’s rate shopping function helped Ocelot save on shipping and ensured prompt deliveries. Customers appreciated the cost-effective shipping options, contributing to increased satisfaction levels. Ocelot can handle different order types and serve diverse customers with Logiwa’s versatile platform, including direct-to-consumer and B2B clients.

Through the seamless integration of Logiwa’s advanced warehousing technology, Ocelot Logistics successfully achieved cost savings, increased customer satisfaction, and optimized their overall warehousing operations. By embracing Logiwa’s robust solutions and exceptional support, Ocelot has unlocked the potential for exponential growth and continued success in the dynamic and competitive logistics industry.

With Logiwa rate shopping, we’re definitely saving more on shipping than what we were with our past system. Our clients have been happy with it because it always picks the cheapest method for wherever it’s going

—Heidi Baker,
Ocelot IT Operations and
Customer Care Manage

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