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Customer Story

How one 3PL realized more than 500% growth in completed picking tasks

EcomHalo Customer Case Study

First year results with Logiwa:

more orders shipped

more picking tasks completed

more packing tasks completed

The Challenge

A Logiwa multi-warehouse 3PL customer embarked on a mission to address the growing demands of its vendor partners. Instead of just storing and shipping products, they intended to offer complete logistics services, such as direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping and drayage. They were determined to play a pivotal role in the growth of the brands they served.

After a search through many solutions in the market, they discovered the perfect match in Logiwa. Our innovative solution helped streamline their operations and gain access to top retailers. This case study explores how Logiwa became the catalyst for efficiency and growth for this progressive 3PL customer.

The Solution: Logiwa’s fulfillment management system

Seamless ecommerce integrations

Logiwa’s fulfillment solution seamlessly integrates with various ecommerce platforms. These integrations became a pivotal solution and a key differentiator for this 3PL when selecting Logiwa.

The CEO stated, “When we can add value to our customers and help them get in front of retailers, that’s a game changer in this market. We’re really excited to partner with our vendors and our customers to add this Logiwa solution to our mix.” With these integrations, customers can receive orders, manage inventory efficiently, and meet delivery timelines consistently.

Streamlined API integration

Logiwa’s API integration simplified the process of connecting with multiple systems. This smooth integration improved operational efficiency and made it easier for customers to adapt to growing requirements.

Boosting efficiency with robotics

Integrating Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) into Logiwa’s system presented a valuable solution. It significantly improved picking efficiency and order accuracy, common human errors that their team saw on a day-to-day basis.

Improved onboarding and training

Logiwa’s user-friendly system streamlined onboarding new associates, most commonly an issue during peak season. This impactful solution saved valuable time and resources. With Logiwa’s solution, the 3PL saved around 40 hours of training for new hires, which was not possible with their previous provider.

“Logiwa is tailored to the capabilities for ecommerce fulfillment, and it also integrates easily with other automation and robotics, which are capabilities we’re leveraging. Logiwa also allows us to bring up customers quickly, start up new sites, and implement with ease.”

—VP of Operations

The Impact: Optimized operations and expanded growth

An expanded client base

Through their partnership with Logiwa, the 3PL customer realized impressive results. They expanded their client base to include six DTC customers, showcasing their growing market influence. Now the 3PL can efficiently manage a high-volume of orders, even on peak days. Logiwa also improved the onboarding process for new associates over the previous WMS. This efficiency translates to significant time savings, equivalent to 40 hours of training for each new employee.

A growing fulfillment network

Besides these achievements, the 3PL successfully onboarded four additional warehouses, bringing their total count to five. This strategic expansion underscores their commitment to growth and their confidence in Logiwa’s capabilities. The company plans to expand to additional warehouses and looks forward to a long-lasting partnership with Logiwa.

“Logiwa has been a fantastic partner… the partnership we have I see expanding through the years.”

—Chief Executive Officer

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